Hear Evanescence's Operatic New Song, 'Imperfection'
Electronic-tinged track is from band's upcoming 'Synthesis' LP
By Ryan Reed - Sep 15, 2017
Evanescence achieve electronic-symphonic symmetry on their lush new single, "Imperfection." Singer Amy Lee commands the track with a swaggering cadence along with her signature belting. "You know you can't deny it," she sings. "The world's a little more fucked up every day."
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Inside St. Vincent’s “New York” Video: A Chat With Director Alex Da Corte
“I think a lot of people have different ideas of what New York is, and there is no one right idea or true idea.”
by Marc Hogan - August 31, 2017
Earlier today, Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, shared a new video for her song “New York.” The director, Alex Da Corte, is a Philadelphia-based visual artist whose brightly colored installations have appeared recently at the Secession in Vienna and the Whitney Museum in New York...
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VMAs 2017: Watch Miley Cyrus Go Retro in 'Younger Now' Performance
Former Disney star sheds provocative persona for return to more clean-cut image
By Joyce Chen - August 28, 2017
The former Disney star donned a bright pink hot pants outfit with a matching pair of cat-eye sunglasses as she strutted around the stage, showing off her vocal prowess. Joining her were dancers dressed as older men and women, as well as a line of kids riding faux mini-motorcycles.
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Artificial intelligence now composing and producing pop music: WATCH
With some accompaniment by Taryn Southern…
Derek Staples - Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used for years to correct and assist music creation; the time has now arrived that AI is composing and producing pop music nearly independently.
The single ‘Break Free’ is the brainchild of YouTube personality/singer/"neuroscience junkie" Taryn Southern and start-up Amper Music. In addition, Southern has enlisted the support of other AI services to complete her forthcoming ‘I Am AI’ full-length release.Read at djmag.com